Cloak & Dagger Pilot Director Talks Show's Diverse Casting

The production of Cloak & Dagger's first season is well underway and the show’s pilot episode [...]

The production of Cloak & Dagger's first season is well underway and the show's pilot episode recently wrapped filming. The first episode that will bring Tandy Bowen/Dagger (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson/Cloak (Aubrey Joseph) to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be the first Marvel TV show to have both a female lead and African-American male lead.

Talking to BlackFilm recently, director Gina Price-Bythewood expressed her excitement for working with a series that had such a diverse cast.

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"When I heard what the story was about, it was right into my wheelhouse and the fact that my boys are big comic book guys and honestly, three years ago I was watching a Marvel show and my youngest ask when will we have a Black superhero," Price-Bythewood reflected. "The fact that we're so excited for Black Panther to come out, and the fact that I got to put something out on TV with a young female superhero and a black superhero was just a gift."

She went to say how excited she was to direct the episode and applauded the writers for penning a great script.

"I came in to do the pilot so I'm excited for the opportunity to do it," she says. "It was such a great script and to be able to help create the look of the show was exciting for me. I love that they are starting to open up and broaden who there are bringing in."

The cast also includes Andrea Roth (Blue Bloods) as Melissa Bowen, Tandy's mom; Gloria Reuben (ER) as Tyrone's mother, Adina Johnson; Miles Mussenden (Bloodline) as Tyrone's father, Michael Johnson; Carl Lundstedt (Grey's Anatomy) as Liam, Tandy's partner in crime; James Saito (Life of Pi) as Dr. Bernard Sanjo, and J.D. Evermore (The Walking Dead) as Detective Connors.

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Marvel's Cloak and Dagger is scheduled to hit Freeform sometime in winter of 2018.