'Dark Phoenix': Jessica Chastain Teases That She May Kill Some X-Men

Dark Phoenix is finally hitting theaters this year and the franchise is adding a new cast member: [...]

Dark Phoenix is finally hitting theaters this year and the franchise is adding a new cast member: Jessica Chastain. The actress best known for movies like Zero Dark Thirty and Interstellar paid a visit to The Tonight Show this week and teased that her new character might be a danger to the X-Men.

"Is your power for good or for evil?," Jimmy Fallon asked.

"Well, I think the power's for good, but other people might think it's for evil," she teased. "I mean, I get to beat up a lot of X-Men in the movie."

"You do?!," Fallon excitedly asked.

"Maybe kill some?," she said coyly.

"Whoa! This is unbelievable. You are dropping so many spoilers!" It's no wonder Fallon appears shocked considering how tight-lipped actors are supposed to be when it comes to comic book movies. However, there have already been tons of rumors that a character will reportedly die in the movie.

"I didn't say I definitely do," Chastain added. "Maybe someone lives. Maybe someone dies."

Ultimately, Chastain summed it up as follows:

"It's an intense movie, but we had fun."

While not too much is known about the actress' character, it was revealed last year that she's going by the name "Smith." Considering Smith is a shapeshifter, there's a fair chance she's using an alias.

Dark Phoenix director, Simon Kinberg, made it clear that Chastain's character is an alien, but he refused to offer much more.

"I can tease that she is not of this world, that she is an extraterrestrial character. I can tease that she does some pretty wonderful things with it," Kinberg said to Collider. "Beyond that, in terms of where she comes from specifically in our universe and what she's based on in the comics, I guess I will say she's sort of an amalgam of a couple different characters and iterations of those characters over the span of the different tellings of the Dark Phoenix story that have taken place."

Dark Phoenix finally premieres in theaters on June 7th followed by The New Mutants on August 2nd.


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