Joe Jonas Voices Support for Sophie Turner's Dark Phoenix: "I Loved This Movie"

The final film in the long-running X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix isn't having the best run. With a franchise-low opening box office of less than $40 million and dismal 22% critical score (at the time of this article) on Rotten Tomatoes, Dark Phoenix certainly isn't performing the way one might hope, but that doesn't mean the film doesn't have support, including star Sophie Turner's husband, Joe Jonas.

Jonas took to Instagram to share his support of Dark Phoenix and, particularly, Turner's work as Jean Grey in the film, declaring his love for Dark Phoenix as well as noting the effort Turner put into the role.

In a previous interview, Turner herself acknowledged the effort as well as the pressure to get this version of "The Dark Phoenix Saga" right.

"Yes a lot of pressure," she said. "I knew Simon was taking me out to lunch and he sits me down and tells me it’s Dark Phoenix and I’m like ‘f*****k.’ I know it's one of the most loved stories of the X-Men universe and for Simon to trust me enough with this responsibility is a big honor. And I want to do the fans of the original story justice, and of course, there’s a lot of pressure especially having been done before. Simon would tell you that it was a B-plot of the movie and he felt it had to be the main plot of the movie."

While one could argue that Jonas is a bit biased -- he is married to Turner after all, the couple tying the knot while they were in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards last month -- he isn't alone in enjoying the movie. While the film has been critically panned and its box office performance is decidedly lackluster, the film does have a slightly positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes (currently at 65%) and a B- CinemaScore, meaning that a bit over half of the people who showed up for Dark Phoenix enjoyed it.

That generally tracks with's Brandon Davis' review of Dark Phoenix as well. His review gave the film three out of five stars, noting that while the film is fun, it's still an underwhelming end to the franchise.


"In the end, Dark Phoenix is not the conclusion fans of the X-Men franchise might have been hoping for and it doesn’t make much of an effort to tie every narrative thread into a nice bow as the franchise is probably coming to an end here," Davis says. "It's a bit behind its time. Still, the movie is fun and safe movie for fans of the characters to watch in a theater with a bass-heavy sound system and leaves the key characters well enough to remember them fondly."

Dark Phoenix and Avengers: Endgame are both currently in theaters. Other upcoming Marvel-based films include Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 2 and New Mutants on August 2.