Day 2: Marvel Still Crashing ComiXology

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As the world woke up this morning and discovered that there were free digital comics from Marvel to be had on ComiXology and the Marvel Comics Digital Comics Shop (powered by ComiXology), users continued to flood the ComiXology servers. Unfortunately, users are encountering more of the same today as happened yesterday when the announcement was made.  ComiXology tweeted an update this morning, "Current status: all of the coffee. Still digging at getting things back to normal. We'll keep you folks updated here and at @cmxsupport." Unfortunately, because of all the activity, Twitter put ComiXology's support account in limbo, so ComiXology started a new one @cmxhelps. Of course, Twitter quickly suspended that account as well, because of the excessive activity. Even though the deal was related to Marvel Comics, other publishers that go through ComiXology are being impacted as well. Image Comics tweeted, "Those looking for digital comics from @imagecomics on the web - due to @comixology's issues, our web store is down. Stay tuned for updates." Ryan Penagos, who is Executive Editorial Director at Marvel Digital Media Group, assured fans via Twitter, "I can't say anything official yet, but we're definitely looking to make sure everyone gets to enjoy #Marvel1 this week. More info soon." As of yet, no official announcement has been made as to whether the promotion that is set to expire at 11PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, March 12 will be extended. If the promotion is extended, the question likely becomes what impact it will have on other publishers if the ComiXology server delays continue into Wednesday when new comics are released. Update: ComiXology has temporarily halted the promotion, check out our article here for details..