Deadpool Kisses The Punisher

Deadpool is known for his “Deadpool Kills” series of titles pitting him against other Marvel [...]

Deadpool is known for his "Deadpool Kills" series of titles pitting him against other Marvel heroes, if not the entire universe, but now he's making a play for an entirely different kind of story based around a "Deadpool Kiss" and his unexpected first target is the Punisher.

Spoilers for Defenders #7 follow.

The kiss took place in last week's Defenders #7 by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez. In the previous issue, Jessica Jones was shown calling in a favor from the merc with a mouth and in this issue, he makes good on his agreement.

Deadpool first shows up at the beginning of the issue. Actually, he shows up before that. In typical fourth-wall breaking fashion, Deadpool replaces Jessica Jones as the narrator of the issue's recap page, which the verbose mercenary extends to three pages that, he assures readers, does not come at the expense of the story's page count.

During Deadpool's rambling recap of the series so far, Wade actually preview some of what's in this issue.

"As you'll see on the next page, Defenders is really something," he says. "Blood, violence, sex, cameos...I hear I kiss someone by the issue's end...(It's the Punisher)...Beard burn be damned!"

Deadpool makes good on his promise. While the Defenders are on a rooftop, the Punisher is across the way and lines Daredevil up in his sniper rifle scope. Frank's view is interrupted when his line of sight becomes filled with Deadpool's backside.

Deadpool knocks the Punisher over and slices up his guns. Frank tells Wade "I hate you," to which Deadpool responds "You know that's not true!! Come here, big boy!' and plants a kiss on Punisher complete with an oversized heart "MWAH!" sound effect.

Punisher Deadpool Kiss

Deadpool mugs for the readers and says "Toldja!" just before Punisher punches him. The issue concludes with the Defenders finding the two of them and leaping into action.

Frank and Wade have a bit of the history. The two of them were on the same Thunderbolts squad under the guidance of the Red Hulk. They went head to head in the Deadpool vs. Punisher miniseries earlier this year.

Defenders #7 is now on sale.