Deadpool Creator Rob Liefield Speaks Out on Movies Premiering on Disney+ at Comic-Con 2022

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld gave his read on the character's movies making their Disney+ premiere in America this week. People are speculating that the timing could mean big things for Deadpool 3. Logan and Deadpool 2 also make their way to the streaming platform. had the chance to speak to Liefeld, he seemed to be optimistic that the release is signaling a larger shift. Are there more mature superhero stories on the way at Marvel stories on the way? Maybe? But, Liefeld sees the inclusion of Deadpool as a positive for all of these properties moving forward. Check out what he had to say down below.

"Swear words are coming for the youth of America, okay? Swear words," he joked. "I think they're rolling out the red carpet. They're building the railroad. Look, I have watched my sons, and I've told you over the years, they became enamored with Marvel cinematically more than I was because I was into Marvel from comics. But, they love the MCU. I'm telling you, they don't feel the same about it at 20 that they did at 10. They're looking for a little more meat on the bone, a little more mature subject matter."

"This is a perfect way," he continued. "Feige doesn't have to go make an R-rated movie. He's going to dump nine hours of R-rated content onto [Disney+]. I think it's new Bob [Chapek] versus old Bob [Iger] who is like, 'Hey! Let's get these up!' Maybe he doesn't have the same scruples as old Bob. So, new Bob is like 'Let's go with the R-rated stuff!' And he's smart, because I'm telling you, they're going to watch them."

"I personally would love to see him and the Hulk in a buddy movie because I think Hulk was undeserved. People forget what a mic drop he was in The Avengers. Let's rag doll Deadpool the way he did Loki, you know what I mean? So I know they have great things planned. He's definitely going to interact with the Marvel universe because that's the default go to move, but how do you know bring Zazi [Beets] and Josh [Brolin] back? Because fans love them."

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