Watch Deadpool Vs. Candy Crush In Hilarious Video

It’s unlikely that you’ve wondered what would happen if Deadpool were to face-off against [...]

It's unlikely that you've wondered what would happen if Deadpool were to face-off against Candy Crush IRL, but after watching Bellpond's newest Youtube video, you might start asking yourself why you didn't think of it before.

Uploaded a week ago, Bellpond showed fans of the mouthy merc what it might look like if the hero were to fight a fellow mutant who could control...Candy Crush? The popular iPhone game comes to life in the video as a disgruntled assailant takes on Deadpool by attacking him with various colorful candies. The game's iconic sound effects are included in the video as Deadpool fails to avoid several attacks which hit him with a 'juicy' note. It's all fun and games, however, until Deadpool gets serious and uses his dual swords to cut down the affronting candies. Coining his opponent as the hilariously dumb "Magneto of candy," the hero shows no mercy once a wayward lemon drop cuts off his shin.

The video takes after Deadpool's recent standalone film from Fox which has been raking in box-office earnings. With a throwback soundtrack, fourth-wall combo breakers, and gratuitous X-Men references, Bellpond's Deadpool rivals that of his big-screen predecessor. The hero also shapes up nicely for the video's action scenes which find actor Billy Mann flipping around and cracking jokes all the while.

And, without spoiling the ending, the video's conclusion wraps with a sweet, satisfying end. You'll just have to watch the whole thing to see what I mean.

Directed by A. Todd Smith, Bellpond describes itself as, "an American production company that focuses on story-based, visually unique commercials, shorts, and feature films." The company is based out of Salt Lake City, and the channel continues to grow more popular as it's accumulated nearly 61,000,000 views.