Devil's Reign Pays Homage to Best Daredevil Story Ever

Daredevil writer Chip Zdarsky has made it no secret that his love for the Man Without Fear is rooted in the iconic 1980s runs on thehas made it no secret that his love for the Man Without Fear is rooted in the iconic 1980s runs character from writers like Frank Miller and Ann Nocenti. The ongoing Devil's Reign event has put Daredevil back in the spotlight across Marvel's publishing line and also called back to more than one major storyline featuring the character. This week's new issue of the event has revived a major concept from a fan-favorite Daredevil story, one that was written away, and in doing so paid homage to that specific plot thread. Spoilers follow! 

Central to the Devil's Reign storyline is the Kingpin's fury at no longer having the information of Daredevil's secret identity. Fisk has amassed information on countless people and his file on Daredevil has become mysteriously blank, sending him down a spiral and lashing out at the heroes of New York City by banning their vigilante activities. In the most recent issue though Fisk has a revelation, after imbuing his cane with the powers of the Purple Man he realizes that it's capable of making people remember exact details that they'd once forgotten. That in mind he uses it to make himself remember, culminating in a final page where he utters the two words:

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That last balloon, "Born Again," is a clear reference to the storyline from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli which unmasked the hero with Kingpin taking the information of Matt Murdock's identity and using it to ruin his life. At a certain point however, when Brian Michael Bendis was writing the character in the 2000s, Matt's secret was revealed to the entire world with everyone thinking he was Daredevil (and Matt routinely denying it) for many years. Eventually using the children of the Purple Man to make the world forget during Mark Waid's run. 

The kids of the Purple Man have returned though and with Chip Zdarsky putting the identity of Daredevil back in to Kingpin's hands he's REALLY getting things back to how he liked them as a reader.

You can find the cover and solicitation for the next issue of Devil's Reign below!

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Devil's Reign #4
(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Marco Checchetto
As smart and ruthless as Wilson Fisk may be, he's chosen to enlist the aid of some of the most reprehensible, dangerous and bloodthirsty criminals the Marvel Universe has to offer! He's been able to keep them on a short leash out of fear for weeks.

IN THIS ISSUE – that fear runs out! Fisk's lackeys aren't scared of ANYTHING anymore, even him – and ALL OF NEW YORK is left to pay the price!

RATED T+ In Shops: Mar 09, 2022