Did Logan Provide the Perfect Cable Movie Origin?

MILD SPOILERS for Logan throughout this piece. Watch Logan first! Sure, Logan is about the 'One [...]

MILD SPOILERS for Logan throughout this piece. Watch Logan first!

Sure, Logan is about the "One Last Time" for Hugh Jackman (and now Patrick Stewart as well), giving a capper to their eighteen-year careers as the characters of Logan and Professor Charles Xavier. It's also about the introduction of X-23, aka Laura, a character that newcomer Dafne Keen plays to incredible critical acclaim. After just one night in theaters, Logan has shot up to second place overall in the ComicBook.com All-Time Comic Movie Composite rankings - second only to The Dark Knight. Yowza. But could it have also given us a stealthy origin (and frankly the perfect one) for the character of Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, aka Cable? Rev up your speculation engines and let's go for a ride.

When we see X-23's backstory, we learn that she's just one of the "X-23" program, seen here as an offshoot of Weapon X of sorts. In the program, they're using genetic material from all sorts of mutants to create new children with those powers, children they hope to raise and control, turning them into the perfect mutant weapons. Those kids are shown with several recognizable powers, like pyrokinesis, control of nature, ability to move rocks/landmass, freezing breath, and finally the big one: an unnaturally strong young male with telekinesis, the ability to move any objects with his mind. He goes off on training dummies - and then on his guard. He has a natural ability, and a strong fighting instinct, and he could be the perfect entry for Cable into the X-Men universe, and even setup some fun things for X-Force later.

Cable, for the uninitiated, will be coming in his full, older adult form in Deadpool 2. His powers include telekinesis, telepathy, and extremely advanced military training. He comes from a far-flung wartorn future to help mutantkind survive. But his complicated origin story includes that genetically he's the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey. It gets a little twisted - he's technically the son of Jean's clone, but an alternate reality version of him actually fits into the movie's X-23 program. In the "Age of Apocalypse" world, he was known as Nate Grey, and he wasn't born so much as created, from the DNA of Jean and Scott Summers, in a lab, engineered to be an ultra-powerful telekinetic weapon... sound familiar?

Tying Cable into Logan would be a fun way to connect it to the larger X-Men movies universe, and to Deadpool's films in particular. Of course, Deadpool is also building up to X-Force, a new team movie with Deadpool, Cable, and reportedly, X-23. If we make Cable into one of the kids born of the X-23 program, we have a perfect tie-in to all of that. The adult Cable, wanting to help his friend Laura from when he was a kid, jumps to the future and pulls her back to the past, where she joins him, Deadpool, and the rest of their squad as the junior member of the team, and as their "Wolverine." Heck, you could even put her in the yellow costume, just as she is in Marvel Comics now.

There is one tiny problem, and that's that Nathan was not one of the names on Laura's list when she went through her fellow escapees. Of course, about 20 kids were shown, and only about 8 were named, so there's plenty of leeway there.

Ultimately, this would be a great way to make Logan a closer part of the future of the X-Men universe and not just the past. Giving Nathan an emotional tie to Laura also lets us keep Dafne Keen in the role, and let's face it, if you've seen the movie, you now want nothing more than to see Deadpool's reaction to this little ass-kicker, right?

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