Best Marvel Fan Reactions To Possibility Of Disney And Fox Deal

The possible acquisition deal between Disney and Fox has Marvel fans freaking out over the [...]

The possible acquisition deal between Disney and Fox has Marvel fans freaking out over the possibility of the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally having its full roster of characters. Of course, the thought of the X-Men movie universe and Avengers movie universe merging (among other things), comes with its own range of complications, and fans being fans, the reactions to this looming possibility are as hilariously imaginative as they are emotional:

Here are some of the best reactions from around the Internet:

Avengers Tower's New Owners

Avengers Tower Baxter Building Fox Disney Deal Meme

...And just like that, the MCU Baxter Buidling was born!

How Fox Does Marvel Comics Characters

Never forget that Fox Studios turned one of the biggest, baddest, villains in all of Marvel... into a bad Weather day. from marvelstudios

This is exactly the sort of thing that fans hope Marvel can help Fox sort out...

The Feige Collection

In light of CNBC's reports ... from marvelstudios

Fun is not something Kevin considers when balancing his Marvel Cinematic Universe. But this... this puts a smile on our faces...

The Real Mastermind

Mickey Mouse Fox Disney Deal Meme

He's been playing a chess game on an industry-wide scale, and now all the pieces are in place. Checkmate!


In the latest reports, Fox is said to favor Disney as a potential buyer, in a deal speculated to be set at $60 billion, with Disney acquiring the 20th Century Fox film / TV divisions and all their assets, along with the FX network. For Disney, the deal would give them the full roster of Marvel characters and properties to manage (Fox holds X-Men and Fantastic Four), all the original Star Wars film assets, as well as a distribution network and title library that will help launch Disney's 2019 streaming service as a true competitor for Netflix.

We'll keep you updated about the Fox and Disney deal as things developed. Stay tuned.