Doctor Strange: What His Apartment Says About The Character

Where a person lays their head at night says a lot about them. Whether it's the sheets they choose [...]

Where a person lays their head at night says a lot about them. Whether it's the sheets they choose for their bed, the photographs on their nightstand, artwork hanging on the wall, or maybe a collection of Funko Pop! figures on a shelf, a lot can be determined about a person by touring their apartment.

The same can be said for Stephen Strange, a master surgeon living a luxurious life in New York City, and the housing aspect of Strange's life will be explored when his origin story is told this fall.

"We had those big discussions about how much money he would make as a surgeon in New York," says Doctor Strange production designer Charles Wood. "I did some earlier concept art where the studios said, 'That's crazy, the guy would be making 54 million a year.' I didn't realize, being a Londoner, I thought that was a nice flat in Chelsea or something. That was definitely batted back to me."

In fact, Strange's apartment won't fully determine his character by what's inside, but also by what is surrounding him on the outside.

"These sorts of spaces have actually more to do with what's outside the window," Wood explains. "A lot of this film is very thought provoking because that's who he is as a character."

"We wanted to see New York outside the window, so from my perspective it was all about that."

That said, it's still a quite extravagant place fit for such a millionare constantly reminding Strange (and the audience) where he is in the world.

"Polished floors, polished ceilings, so when you put the composite in there, all of the city is reflected around it. It's just about him and the city, not about space, if that makes sense. It's quite minimal, so you focus the audience attention to what he's thinking, the troubles he's going through, and what he's looking out to: the city at night."

Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4.

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