Marvel Teasing Former X-Force Member Becoming an Avenger

Is one of the of the staple members of X-Force about to make the jump to the Avengers? A panel [...]

Is one of the of the staple members of X-Force about to make the jump to the Avengers? A panel from an upcoming issue of Domino teases that this might be the case.

X-Editor Jordan D. White shared the panel to his Twitter feed earlier today as part of the now customary #XMenMonday celebrations.

"What's this...?" White teased. "Is Domino also becoming an Avenger?" The panel itself shows Neena thinkings to herself, "Okay, finally, I'm an Avengers." Take a look below.

Domino Avengers

It should be noted that the Domino series is currently being written by Gail Simone, who is known for her sense of humor. Without further context, there's no telling if Domino really is joining the Avengers or if there's a gag at play here.

And if you're wondering why White says "also," its because Domino can also currently be seen in the pages of Weapon X as part of that book's mutant response squad, though that team is about to see a major roster shakeup.

If Domino does join the Avengers, she'd hardly be the first team member to make the jump. X-Force's founder, Cable, was an Avenger for a time, becoming part of Rogue's Unity Squad after traveling back in time to prevent the Shredded Man's destruction of Boston. Deadpool was also a member of the Unity Squad at the time, having gotten in with a personal recommendation from Steve Rogers himself.

Cannonball and Sunspot have also recently become Avengers. At first, they were both recruited during a major expansion in the Avengers' ranks. Later, Sunspot went on to form his own team of Avengers with Cannonball included after taking over AIM. At the conclusion of the Avengers: No Surrender storyline, Sunspot, and Cannonball both resigned as Avengers, with Sunspot commenting that he was going back to his roots and trading in his Citizen V moniker for Citizen X instead.

Wolverine was also a high profile Avengers, though his tenure leading the X-Force mutant hit squad was mostly under wraps during that time period.

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