Eternals Star Reveals How They Would Have Defeated Thanos

Marvel fans have been wondering why The Eternals didn't intervene in the battle against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War - but maybe the more pertinent question is what would the Eternals characters have done against The Mad Titan and the Infinity Gauntlet? That's a fun question to consider: after all, the Eternals roster is packed with god-like superhumans with a nice variety of special abilities. However, one of the more unlikely picks is the one who is making some of the biggest boats about taking down Thanos! 

Actor Barry Keoghan plays the Eternals member Druig in the film. When sat down to talk with him during the Eternals press junket, Keoghan made it clear that (in his opinion) Druig wouldn't even need his mind-controlling powers to take on Thanos: 

"[Druig] could beat him with his hands," Keoghan told us confidently. "He doesn't need mind control. Druig is a pretty good boxer as well."

Indeed, all of the Eternals are vastly advanced humanoids, who are able to do more and endure more than any human - while seemingly never aging. How those powers compare to Thanos is a question the Marvel Cinematic Universe may never answer - or maybe it could, you never know... 

In any event, should Druig's boxing abilities not prove up to snuff (Thanos showed his own boxing skills when Hulk caught those hands in the opening of Inifnity War!), the cocksure Eternal could still fall back on those mind control powers in a pinch. The Avengers movies made it clear that Thanos is suceptible to mind attacks from the likes of Mantis, and that some powerful coordinated teamwork can actually bring the Mad Titan down (see: The Battle of Titan). Druig can arguably pull off both of those feats without having to lift a single finger, so there may be some actual debate to be had here... 


As we pointed out to Barry Keoghan, Druig may only need one mind-slave at his control to defeat Thanos: Ant-Man. Druig certainly has a wicked imagination, so maybe he would come up with the same idea as the popular theory-turned-meme: having Ant-Man infiltrate Thanos' butt and kill him by expanding. When he heard of the idea, Keoghan wasn't so much shocked as he was validated in his boasts: "Exactly, I thought so."

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Marel's Eternals is now out in theaters. Watch our interview with Barry Keoghan in the video above.