The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Star Thanks Fans For Strong Debut

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Adepero Oduye wanted the fans to know that she appreciates [...]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Adepero Oduye wanted the fans to know that she appreciates them in her latest social media post. She's playing Sam Wilson's sister Sarah in the Disney+ show. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been huge for the platform since debuting last week. There were a lot of entertainment options out there for people to get into, but now Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes' adventure is at the top of the ladder for the entire streaming platform. Oduye knows that the people clamoring for more MCU adventures have a lot to do with that. Sebastian Stan has also been vocal with his relief at the series' debut on the app. There was some legitimate doubt to whether The Falcon and the Winter Soldier could follow up the supernova that was WandaVision. Now, fans from all over have their answer and they should be pleased.

Entertainment Tonight interviewed the actress about being in the MCU. In some ways, she still can't really believe it.

"I was in this theater in Nigeria, surrounded by people, and just completely enthralled," Oduye recalled. "I always had that little dream like, 'Maybe one day...' When you're young -- but maybe not so young -- just watching the energy behind these movies, thinking, 'Oh, it'd be so cool to be a part of that kind of project.'"

When the topic shifted to Anthony Mackie, the star had nothing but kind words to say about The Falcon actor.

"I love him. I love working with him. He's so generous, so on point, giving, and as an actor working with another actor, it just means everything," she began. "Because, you know, he's Anthony Mackie. He's been around doing it wonderfully for a very long time! I've known Anthony from before, but to get to work with him in that space, he's carrying so much. For him to be just generous and kind and funny, it just added to the amazingness of this experience."

"I definitely feel like the story with Sam and Sarah back home, where they grew up, it's a heart in the midst of all the action stuff," Oduye added. For her, their relationship is "deep, strong, honest and authentic. So, in those moments where it's not always hunky-dory, they're able to give that to each other, whatever that is, on each side. And there's always a coming back. The love is at the core, always and forever. They're very clear about that."

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