Falcon And Winter Soldier: Amy Aquino Describes MCU Therapy Roles

The Marvel Cinematic Universe tapped ER, Working Girl, and The Lazarus Effect alum Amy Aquino to [...]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe tapped ER, Working Girl, and The Lazarus Effect alum Amy Aquino to portray Dr. Raynor, the therapist who talks with James Buchanan Barnes regularly as a means to help him become of stable mind after years of brainwashing and traumatic experiences. Aquino's time with the series may have run its course following Episode 2, The Star-Spangled Man, as she was quick to tell ComicBook.com, "I can say everything I know about the show, because I know as much as you do." Taking a look back at her work, Aquino seems to have had a great time with the Marvel family and already has fun ideas about where Dr. Raynor could come in handy.

"From the minute Anthony [Mackie] walks in, because it's like, boom, even before we're doing the lines, he is just this force of joy and energy and enthusiasm," Aquino recalls, having played a key role the show's second episode which was also a major part of the show's advertising. "Sebastian's fantastic, but of course his character in this thing and a very different personality," she says. "So of course everything gets... Boom, we go into overdrive. When they actually did start 'acting,' when I'm bringing them together for the gazing, it was... I didn't know. I just sat and just interjected when it seemed appropriate, because it could have gone on for an hour!"

If Aquino is being honest about us all having seen the entirety of her role in the series already (claiming to have completed a role when more is on the way has become a popular tactic to prevent spoilers from leaking), Aquino has ideas about which characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be most interesting to have therapy scenes with.

"Frankly right now in this moment in time, I think I'd really like to work on the new Captain America, because he's got a lot of things that he's working on," Aquino says. John Walker, played by Wyatt Russell, seems to have some sort of agenda which has not been revealed to the audience just yet, resulting in some strong reactions toward the new Cap. "I mean, he's got a lot of issues and I know him, so I know the background, so I can call him on... because we serve together. So, I think it'd be really interesting to get down to what's going on in his brain, because he's obviously very conflicted about this."

If not the newly appointed Captain America, Aquino would love to sit in her chair as Dr. Raynor and have a sceene with "anybody from Wakanda." Now, those would be some cool stories.

Which character from the Marvel Cinematc Universe would you like to have a deep conversation with to understand their psyche Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram! Watch our full interview with Aquino in the video above.

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