Falcon and Winter Soldier’s Georges St-Pierre Accidentally Punched Anthony Mackie in the Head

Few people have been able to take a punch from Georges St-Pierre and continue what they were doing [...]

Few people have been able to take a punch from Georges St-Pierre and continue what they were doing immediately afterward. The martial artist-turned actor recently revealed in an interview that he inadvertently punched Anthony Mackie in the head during the filming of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier while practicing a fight sequence. The former UFC Welterweight champ was speaking with ET when he revealed he got too into the moment and wasn't able to pull his punch in time, accidentally clipping Mackie right in the face.

"Anthony's amazing. I'm going to tell you, Anthony's an amazing actor and he's someone who's very charismatic and makes every laugh on the set," St-Pierre told the channel.

He added, "One day we spent hours on a scene during choreography and there's a scene that we punched and he was supposed to duck under and I wasn't able to pull the punch on time. My armed touched his head and I kind of clipped him with my elbow but he's a hell of a tough guy, let me tell you that. He stood up right away and he was okay and I told him, 'You're probably the only human being I ever hit where I got more hurt than you.'"

St-Pierre, of course, plays Batroc the Leaper within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He briefly appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier before returning to reprise his role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Before he turned to act, St-Pierre was a mainstay in the UFC, where he was the top-ranked welterweight throughout the late-2000s.

He appeared as Batroc in the show's opening scene but was able to escape Mackie's Sam Wilson. Judging by set photos that surfaced when the show was still in production, fans will be able to expect his return as he's been seen interacting with Erin Kellyman's Karli Morgenthau.

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