The Gibborim Will Appear In Marvel's 'Runaways'

Hulu and Marvel dropped the first trailer for Runaways earlier this afternoon in preparation for their panel later tonight to top off the show's large presence at this year's New York Comic Con.

Thanks to the folks at MCU Exchange, some close-up pictures of the Runaways booth made their way online and they reveal some pretty interesting Easter eggs for the show. Last night we reported that the Staff of One could be making its appearance in the Hulu show and now, it looks like the Gibborim could be making an appearance.

For those that haven't picked up Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona's work on the first volume of the series, the Gibborim were a group of gods trapped in another dimension with the ultimate goal of making mankind extinct.

The Pride — or the evil parents of the series' main characters, the Runaways — made it their goal to free the Gibborim gods so that they could rain hell upon Earth. Gnarly stuff, eh?

Like MCU Exchange points out, the props that mention the Gibborim seem to put a little twist on the characters. Appearing in Karolina's locker, two separate instances of the Gibborim are visible — once in a 'Church of Gibborim' sticker and another time a book titled the 'Book of Gibborim.'


Regardless of how the Gibborim end up appearing in the series, it's good to see the crew behind Runaways sticking pretty close to the source material.

Marvel's Runaways will premiere on Hulu starting November 21st.

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