Guardians of the Galaxy's Chris Sullivan on Taserface Return: "Nobody Is Dead in the Marvel Universe"

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hit theaters over four years ago, introducing the villainous [...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hit theaters over four years ago, introducing the villainous Taserface to the masses. While the character, played by This Is Us star Chris Sullivan, wasn't the film's primary antagonist, he still got a substantial amount of screentime leading up to his presumed death thanks to an exploding spaceship. As Sullivan reminds us, however, nobody is really dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Speaking to in support of his upcoming appearance in Marvel's What If...? on Disney+, Sullivan says he's trying to manifest a return as Taserface.

"Nobody is dead in the Marvel Universe. Everyone lives in one way or another. So in the comments, Taserface comes back in a mechanized suit with a gun for an arm as overkill. Almost as if he's been blown up in some kind of space explosion," Sullivan tell us. "Almost as if he survived and came back stronger than ever. I'm not saying this plan is in motion, I'm just calling for it."

Sullivan then references The Stark, a futuristic alien race that worships Tony Stark because of his technology they found. Either way, Sullivan says he'd love to return as the character, maybe even with some nanotech this time around.

"I went through the character's history pretty thoroughly and figured out, 'Okay, he was a member of this race that found a bunch of jettisoned Stark technology, that Tony Stark had shot into outer space to keep away from a villain, at one point or another,'" he recalls. "And Taserface and his people found it and founded their whole, I don't know, space gang around this technology and called themselves the Starks, because of Stark printed on the side of the crate. And that's how he ended up with kind of a half of an Iron Man suit strapped to his body."

Sullivan next appears as Taserface in the second episode of Marvel's What If...?,due out this Wednesday, August 18th, on Disney+.

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