Guardians of the Galaxy Gets an Official Facebook Page

0commentsGuardians of the Galaxy concept art

While Marvel has been busy promoting their Iron Man 3 contest on Facebook, apparently somebody took a few minutes out to set up an official page for Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the studio's planned 2014 releases. James Gunn, the film's director, shared with his fans and friends on the social media site earlier today that the page is official, and suggested they "like it now." There's no new content on the site, and little there at all besides release dates for Guardians of the Galaxy (August 1, 2014) and Marvel's Untitled Avengers Sequel (May 1, 2015). By the look of it, the site has actually been around since July, created around the time Guardians of the Galaxy was officially announced at San Diego Comic-Con International, but apparently today was the day Gunn was OK'ed to let fans know it was on the level and not another site created by enthusiastic fans like the Star Trek Into Darkness hoax from earlier this week.