Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn Joins Quarantine Watch Party on Tuesday

The Quarantine Watch Party is coming back on Tuesday night, for a unified viewing of Marvel [...]


The Quarantine Watch Party is coming back on Tuesday night, for a unified viewing of Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy, with director James Gunn officially joining the Party on Twitter! Tuesday night's headliner was selected by popular demand from fans across social media after hundreds of tweets requested the Quarantine Watch Party family enjoy cosmic Marvel movie together. Fans across Twitter and Instagram are encouraged to join in on the Quarantine Watch Party event at 9pm ET by using #QuarantineWatchParty and #GotG. This will officially be the eleventh Quarantine Watch Party event and it is hosted by's Brandon Davis!

Gunn announced he would participate in the event in a tweet which has built a ton of excitement for Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy fans, making him the second director to have operated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to join the Quarantine Watch Party events! See Gunn's tweet for yourself below!

Gunn has never disappointed fans with his enthusiasm and passion for filmmaking, especially when it comes to his work with Guardians of the Galaxy. The film was an unexpected blockbuster when it released in 2014, becoming an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and introducing characters who instantly became fan-favorites, making Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax (Dave Bautista), Rocket (Bradley Cooper), and Groot (Vin Diesel) household names.

How does Quarantine Watch Party work? It's easy! At 9pm ET on Tuesday night, everybody who wishes to attend the Quarantine Watch Party presses play on their respective edition of Guardians of the Galaxy -- be it a digital download, a 4K or blu-ray copy, or a Disney+ stream. Then, viewers hop on Instagram or Twitter and post using #QuarantineWatchParty and #GotG with their thoughts, jokes, debates and photos showing off their at-home theater set ups!

Late to the Party? That's okay! With the film starting at 9pm ET on the dot, it is easy to join the Quarantine Watch Party late in the game. Fast forward 15 minutes and press play at 9:15pm ET, or get a later start by jumping to the 30:00 mark of the movie and press play at 9:30pm ET, and so on until you are caught up for the best live experience with everyone else!

Want to cosplay for tonight's event? Dress up, snap a pic, and share it on social media with #QuarantineWatchParty in your post for a chance to be shared on's official Twitter and Instagram accounts!

The past two weeks have been loaded with special guests for Quarantine Watch Party events. The casts and directors of films including Doctor Strange, Bloodshot, Birds of Prey, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Deadpool, and more have participated, showing off awesome behind-the-scenes looks (especially in the case of Shazam!) and offering plenty of exclusive filmmaker details (like the insights from the brilliant mind of Derrickson).

Plenty of reason to stay home, be safe, and have fun together!

The Quarantine Watch Party will be hosted by's Brandon Davis, as well as attended by other staff members including Adam Barnhardt, Evan Valentine, Megan Peters, Joseph Schmidt, and ComicBook Nation co-host Janell Wheeler.'s Quarantine Watch Party for Guardians of the Galaxy begins at 9pm ET on Tuesday night!