Guardians Of The Galaxy's Chris Pratt Does 22 Pushup Challenge

Thanks @canadianoutlaw for the #22pushupchallenge Everyday 22 veterans take their own lives. [...]

You know what they say: a couple who takes on challenges together definitely stays together. Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) and wife Anna Faris showed fans just how close they really are by taking on the viral 22 Push-Up Challenge in an Instagram video.

Uploaded to Chris' account, the video shows the star standing alongside his wife outside of a waterside residence. Chis introduces himself to fans, explaining what Anna and he are about to do.

He starts off by saying, "Hey, Chris Pratt here with my darling wife. This is Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. We're responding to Will Dodge, @canadianoutlaw, [and the] 22 Push-Up Challenge to raise awareness for the 22 men and women commit suicide everyday, our veterans. We're thinking about you and want to raise awareness for this terrible reality."

Before the couple can crunch out some reps, Anna steps in to thank all service members for their courageous service. "We also couldn't be more grateful to the men and women who serve our country everyday. Thank you so much," she says.

However, when it comes to them doing the push-ups, Anna channels her comedic skills and reluctantly gets into position. The act, however, is ruined when Chris tells the camera, "Don't let her fool you: she's strong."

Chris is just one of many celebrities who've uploaded videos of themselves doing the 22 Push-Up Challenge. The organization 22Kill first pitched the campaign and have since said over 7 million push-ups have been done in the name of veteran suicide prevention. The organization hopes to reach a total of 22 million push-ups as they continue to raise awareness for the horrifying reality many military members face after leaving service.