Hawkeye Director Reveals Why the Series Works Better as a Show Instead of a Movie

Hawkeye director Rhys Thomas revealed why he thinks the series works better as a show than a movie. Disney+ is about to get really festive with Jeremy Renner on the way to reprise Clint Barton. During a panel for the show, Sophia Soto from Nerds Of Color asked why they chose this avenue for the Hawkeye character. Thomas believes that the expanded runtime actually allows viewers to build that connection with the heroes. All of these MCU shows on the streaming platform have brought something different to the table. Over each project's run, viewers all noted that they learned something new about each one of the Avengers that shared the spotlight. Hawkeye seems poised to make fans reconsider Renner's everyman archer in exciting ways. (To say nothing of introducing Hailee Steinfeld as immediate fan-favorite Kate Bishop.) When it comes to these shows, taking all the time to build out the world has paid off handsomely for the creative teams.

"I mean, you know, it's time getting to spend time with these characters and let them grow. And again, we're introducing this character and you know, it's it's about these guys coming together and learning from one another and, and, yeah, and also, it's a world that you get to live in for a little longer," Thomas began. "I don't know. I mean, again, it's to me, it's just more time you know, it's always I think you fall in love with these characters when you make these things and you fall in love with all the possibilities of the you know, the ways you can annoy Clint and, and, you know, smash them together. And so yeah, getting to really, you know, have the runway to do that is you're always gonna take it."

Thomas also spoke about how different Clint has become in recent films. The dynamic between the older Hawkeye and the young upstart really showcases those changes

"You want her to have her own individual energy that works with Clint, so how do we create a dynamic that's really exciting to watch?" Thomas explained. "She is a younger character with that younger energy, which is a nice counterpoint to Clint who is so battle-worn and been through it. But it's also showing that she has what it takes. Clint has chosen to do this. Kate is someone who is feeling herself called to it."

He continued: "It's finding that line of youth and energy but seeing that deep down that her and Clint are one and the same. For her to earn his trust and to find that growth, that's what was really fun to carve out that journey for her."

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