Hawkeye Directors Tease Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova's Story Isn't Over Yet

The moment fans have been waiting for finally happened in the fourth episode of Hawkeye: Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova came to dish out some punishment to Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) over the death of her sister, Black Widow. Their confrontation in the episode's final moments also included Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), who had a chance to stop the Black Widow Assassin, but decided to let her escape after the two shared an intense stare across a rooftop. Directors Bert and Bertie teased more to come from Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova, alluding to their story continuing.

ET interviewed the Hawkeye directors Bert and Bertie, and discussed the fight choreography with Clint, Kate, Yelena, and Maya Lopez/Echo. "Jeremy loves being involved in it," Bert said, adding how "the stunt team was quite surprised" by Steinfeld's passion. They added how "there was this one moment where we were going to swap out Florence with a stunt person and she was like, 'I can do that.' And she did it and it was incredible." 

"Having actors that are so able and so capable and so willing to be part of the physicality of it means that we can keep my cameras on them for longer and keep the audience in the action for longer. So, it was a gift to us," Bert continued. Bertie then addressed the silent nod that Yelena gave Kate, explaining it as a "look of warning, like, 'Don't mess with me.' But also, there's something a little bit deeper where you feel like this isn't the end of their story together."  

Variety also got time with Bert and Bertie, where they also teased more of Kate Bishop/Yelena Belova. "So much of Hawkeye is seeing the world through the characters' point of view of it. So if we look at the end of [Episode 4], we are with Kate Bishop as she's seeing this person, who she has no concept of who she is, actually, and how she's going to fit into the story," Bertie said. "But there's this connection, and you can see and feel the presence of this new character. It's actually a balance between what the audience feels about this character and what Kate's feeling that makes that ending so special."

Bert added, "When you're directing actresses like Florence and Hailee, they bring so much to it. There was this immediate natural chemistry between them, which — I can't say anything else. But you know, when they give you that, it's this gift, and all you want to do is take care of it and unwrap it slowly."

Marvel appears to have big plans for the new Hawkeye and Black Widow. With two episodes remaining in Hawkeye, we haven't seen the last of Yelena Belova. She'll still be hunting Clint Barton, and even though he's told Kate Bishop not to get involved, the heroes are now partners, meaning Kate will have his back. Kate may be the only one who can convince Yelena that Clint isn't responsible for Black Widow's death. If we're lucky, it could be the start of another fan-favorite duo between the women.

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