Hawkeye: Vera Farmiga, Tony Dalton Reveal Process of MCU Casting

Everyone's venture into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is different. When it comes to Hailee Steinfeld, she didn't have to audition for the role of Kate Bishop, it was simply given to her once she decided she wanted it. One thing that is constant, however, is just how secret Marvel Studios is with its projects. No matter if you had to audition or not, Marvel keeps everything under lock and key. Take Vera Farmiga, as an example.

When she signed on to the project, she wasn't able to read any scripts. Instead, they'd just give her information bit by bit.

"There was a lot that wasn't readily apparent to me upon taking the role. Like, I didn't even read the whole thing when I was given, when I was handed the role. I didn't know what I was in for," Farmiga tells ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis. "That was slowly just like a...maybe you have to earn their trust or something. I don't know. Because the secrecy is so, you know, shrouded. The project is shrouded that it was just doled out to me slowly."

It was a similar situation when it comes to Tony Dalton. The Better Call Saul alumnus adds he didn't even know which role he was up for. When he did learn who he was playing, he found out the character would have little to do with his comic book counterpart.

"They kind of venture into new things about the character that was not even close to what the original was," Dalton says. "You know, like for example, Jack [Duquesne] was Clint's mentor in the original ones. And that's something that is completely not happening in this one. So it's sort of the new with the old and you kind of surf through it and try to, you know, make the best of it."

Hawkeye debuts with a two-episode premiere on Disney+ on November 24th.

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