Hawkeye Writer Says This West Coast Avengers Easter Egg Is the Reason He Loves Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been a treasure trove for fans that like to hunt for Easter eggs. References to the pages of Marvel Comics and previous MCU titles are packed into each movie and TV shows, and some are a lot easier to spot than others. In Hawkeye, the latest Marvel TV series on Disney+, there's a really deep cut reference that ties to the West Coast Avengers, one that likely only the most eagle-eyed Marvel fans caught. Fortunately, one of the show's writers pointed it out to everyone on Twitter, and took the opportunity to explain why Easter eggs like that fuel his love for Marvel.

Over the weekend, Hawkeye writer Tanner Bean live-tweeted his reactions to the premiere episodes in a lengthy thread on Twitter. When he reached the scene in Kate's Aunt's apartment, he explained that the poster on the wall hinted at former actress Moira Brandon. As he explained, Moira's mansion was turned into the West Coast Avengers Compound in the comics, so it was only fitting to have her help provide a safe house to the live-action version of Kate Bishop as well.

"Anyone notice the name on the posters in Kate's aunt's apartment?? That's right, it's the former movie star and honorary [Avenger]... Moira Brandon! Talk about a comics deeeeeep cut," Bean wrote in the thread.

"In the comics: the [West Coast Avengers] – led by Hawkeye – purchased Moira's mansion and turned it into the Avengers Compound in L.A.," the writer continued. "So, in our show, when Clint and Kate needed a temporary headquarters, it seemed only fitting that Moira's home could house an Avenger in the MCU too."

Continuing in the thread, Bean explained that these types of Easter eggs are one of his favorite things about the MCU. He has always been a big fan of the comics, and working with these little nods gives him a chance to connect both worlds as often as possible.

"I've always loved the [Easter eggs] in all of the [MCU] movies and shows, so as one of the bigger [Marvel Comics] fans in the writers' room, I had a blast digging into the IP every chance I got," Bean added.

Did you notice the West Coast Avengers nod in Marvel's Hawkeye? Do you think we'll eventually see a move to Los Angeles in Kate Bishop's MCU future? Let us know in the comments!