Hawkeye: Why Does Jack Duquesne Like Swords So Much?

Marvel's Hawkeye TV series on Disney+ introduced a new slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe characters during its two-episode premiere – and one who is definitely worth keeping an eye on is "Jack Duquesne" (Tony Dalton). As Hawkeye begins, Jack is set to marry Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga); Kate is suspicious of her would-be step-dad, and in episode 2 she decides to interrogate Jack in an unorthodox way: by challenging him to a fencing duel. Kate is as skilled an athlete and fighter as they come, but Jack almost effortlessly disarms (and embarrasses) her in the sword duel. 

So why does Hawkeye's Jack Duquesne like swords so much? For any Marvel Cinematic Universe fan now asking that question, there's actually an exciting answer! 

Here Comes Swordsman


Hawkeye is actually going to be introducing a whole squad of Marvel Comics assassins and mercenaries for hire – and Jack Duquesne will likely be one of them! In Marvel Comics, "Jack Duquesne" is actually Jacques Duquesne, aka Sowrdsman. Swordsman was a master of bladed weapons who worked on the carnival circuit, and he happened to be one of the two main mentors of a young Clint Barton. While Swordsman trained Barton in blades, Trickshot trained the boy in archery, giving rise to the hero Hawkeye, and his dark alter-ego, Ronin. Eventually, Swordsman was revealed to be a criminal, and when Clint discovered that truth, his mentor nearly killed him and left him for dead. 

Swordsman would go on to become a career criminal, but eventually reformed and became an Avenger. Swordsman's fate took on cosmic significance when he fell in love with Mantis, who was eventually revealed to be the Celestial Madonna, the would-be bride of Kang the Conqueror. When the Avengers and one of Kang's variants stood against the villain, Swordsman sacrificed himself in order to save Mantis from a fatal ray gun blast. 

Hawkeye Reunion? 

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Obviously "Jack Duequesne's" role in the MCU will be something much different – however, one aspect of his comics backstory could end up being a big twist in this Hawkeye series. So far, there doesn't seem to be any direct connection between Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), but that could change the moment that Clint gets a look at Kate's personal life. Will Jack Duquesne be revealed as Clint's estranged mentor in an awkward, unexpected reunion? 

There are clues that indeed, this comic connection between Barton and Duquesne could be a potential story twist in the Hawkeye TV series. Jack is obviously pursuing his own shady agenda – an agenda that led him to bid on (and eventually steal) Barton's infamous Ronin sword. Jack's "romance" with Eleanor Bishop is also shady, as both of them may be into more nefarious things than it initially seems (or clearly seems...).

With Ronin's reappearance sparking an entire wave of hitters to come gunning for Barton and Bishop, Swordsman could also end up being a major threat they just have to deal with, before any family drama can even take place... 

Hawkeye is now streaming on Disney+.