Hugh Jackman "Accidentally" Leaks Video of Him and His Wife Discussing Ryan Reynolds

Happy Birthday, Ryan Reynolds! The actor best known for playing Wade Wilson/Deadpool is celebrating his 43rd birthday today. Many people have taken to social media to send the star well-wishes, and it's no surprise the list of people acknowledging Reynolds' special day includes Hugh Jackman. The two men have been engaged in a faux feud ever since Reynolds starting pushing for Jackman to show up as Wolverine in the Deadpool films. Jackman refused, and they've been going after each other in various ways ever since. Occasionally, they post nice things about each other, and they often discuss (or troll) each other's various beverage businesses. Jackman's birthday was earlier this month, and Reynolds delivers an NSFW message for his fake nemesis. Now, Jackman is repaying the favor with a hilarious video he "accidentally" posted.

As you can see, the "leaked" video shows Jackman talking to his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, who is trying to get Jackman to say something positive about Reynolds for his birthday. However, Jackman just doesn't want to do it and claims he had to pretend to laugh when Reynolds sent his birthday message earlier this month.

"I think he's funny, and I think he's a good singer," Furness proclaims, much to Jackman's dismay.

Jackman also shared the video to Instagram, but Reynolds has yet to comment on either post.

Now that Disney has merged with Fox, it's unlikely a team-up between the actors' Marvel characters will ever occur. This is especially true now that Dark Phoenix has been released, closing the 20-year long X-Men movie franchise. The Deadpool film series is expected to continue, but it's currently unclear how it will work in relation to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jackman has also said he was done playing Wolverine. Hopefully, the fun between Jackman and Reynolds will live on, because it never gets old.


Logan, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are all available for home viewing.