Hugh Jackman Pulls Out the Wolverine Claws in Response to Ryan Reynolds' Fraud Accusations

Despite having nothing but disdain and hard feelings for one another, Hugh Jackman and Reynolds [...]

Despite having nothing but disdain and hard feelings for one another, Hugh Jackman and Reynolds sure do follow one another's actions pretty closely. Whenever one of the actors takes a stab at the other, whether it be on social media, television, or otherwise, it doesn't take long for a response to surface somewhere. Thursday morning has been no exception. Reynolds appeared on television in Australia and called Jackman a fraud, which initiated a swift response from the former Wolverine star.

Reynolds appeared on Today Show Australia on Thursday morning to promote his new Netflix movie, Michael Bay's 6 Underground. Given that the interview was in Jackman's home country, the top of Reynolds' rival was sure to come up. When it did, the Deadpool star quickly threw his frenemy under the bus.

"He's just an evil person," Reynolds said. "I mean, you guys have all been duped. You think he's this benevolent ambassador to your country. People don't realize he's from Winnipeg, Canada."

After the video of the interview began circulating online, Jackman took to Twitter with a response. He shared an image of Wolverine with only his middle claw popped, essentially an alternative to giving the finger. A small Deadpool in a Santa hat is wrapped around the claw with the message "Who you callin' a fraud?" printed at the top of the image.

This is just the latest in the long and hilarious feud between Reynolds and Jackman. They called a truce earlier this year, but that didn't last too long. Even when the two are celebrating one another, they find a way to include shady remarks. When Jackman received the Order of Australia honor, Reynolds offered congratulations in the most backhanded way possible.

"Receiving the Order of Australia is a HUGE deal," Reynolds wrote. "And despite what I tell anyone who'll listen, Hugh Jackman is one of the finest, kindest, hardest working, generous and most talented people I've had the privilege to call my friend. There's nobody better. None of this changes the fact he's a complete bastard."

The social media feud between Jackman and Reynolds may never end, but that's totally okay.