Here's How Jean Grey Returns to the Marvel Universe

Jean Grey has returned to the Marvel Universe. However, her resurrection was less a triumphant [...]

Jean Grey has returned to the Marvel Universe. However, her resurrection was less a triumphant rebirth than it was a tragic reconciliation.

SPOILERS for Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey follow.

Most of Phoenix Resurrection has been split between two plot threads. In one, the X-Men have been investigating a series of strange happenings, including appearances by dead friends and foes in locations important to X-Men history.

In the other thread, Jean Grey seems to by living a mostly idyllic life in a suburban town where several dead X-Men seem to be alive and well. However, every time Jean turns her back her world and everyone in it goes up in flames.

In the previous issue, the two threads came together when the X-Men discovered Jean was trapped in an egg constructed by the Phoenix Force. Old Man Logan went inside to see if he could save Jean from the Phoenix.

The final issue of the series finds Old Man Logan in the diner where Jean has been working with her boss Annie, the girl Jean actually saw die when they were twelve, the shock of which first activated Jean's mutant powers.

Logan tries to snap Jean out of the Phoenix's spell, first with words. When that doesn't work and Annie starts getting involved, Logan lashes out and slices Annie's throat. When Annie seems to die only to stand back up again, that's when Jean becomes aware of what is happening.

Jean and the Phoenix bond once again and begin struggling for control of her body. The Phoenix feels it needs Jean because she's the perfect host. It tempts her by showing her all of the different realities they could create together.

The Phoenix also shows Jean illusions of her family and friends that could be resurrected from the day. She casts them aside. Then the Phoenix actually resurrects Cyclops from the dead.

cyclops jean phoenix resurrection

Jean and Cyclops share an emotional moment where she is able to look into his eyes. But Cyclops knows what this is, and Jean lets him die again.

There's no epic battle here. Instead Jean has a long conversation with the Phoenix about mortality and what it means to really live. It plays out like a difficult breakup, where the Phoenix can't let go of Jean but Jean is ready to move on with her life. In the end, the Phoenix finally realizes that its time with Jean is over and disappears, leaving Jean very much alive and mortal once again.

Jean's story continues in X-Men Red #1 next week. Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #5 is on sale now.