Jessica Jones Season 3 Includes Surprising Defenders Cameo

Though the Defenders have each gone their separate ways, apparently they still try to stay in [...]

Though the Defenders have each gone their separate ways, apparently they still try to stay in touch. In the closing moments of the third and final season of Jessica Jones, one of her former teammates made sure to pay a visit and see what she was up to. Full spoilers up ahead! You've been warned.

When Jessica's (Krysten Ritter) down and out on her luck trying to figure what to do with Trish (Rachael Taylor), she's surprised at her office by none other than Power Man himself, Luke Cage (Mike Colter). At the time, Cage is seemingly well aware of Trish's role as a serial killer and serves as one of the people to convince Jessica to turn Trish in.

The bulletproof hero from Harlem even brings up the story arc of Luke Cage Season One, where he was forced to fight his half-brother Willis Stryke (Erik LaRay Harvey), before beating him and sending him to the Raft. Naturally, it was a pretty quick interaction with the two, sharing just a minute or two on-screen. It does seem, however, that Jessica is pretty aware of Luke's new job as a criminal kingpin, as Luke's still wearing a similar three-piece suit from the one he was wearing in the closing moments of Luke Cage Season Two.

"I think we're going to see what it would be like if he had crossed the line on more than one occasion, or did," Colter previously said of a potential third season to Luke Cage. "He had to get things done as opposed to, like, worrying about the optics, how the neighborhood sees him, how people accept him."

"So I think [we were] gonna let him do some things that people would have been very upset about, but at the same time, I think some people would cheer for and hopefully — at the end of the day, by the time we got done — we could bring him back around to being the person that we still thought he was. You know, the person deep down, but sometimes good people do bad things, and the bad will do good things sometimes. That's kind of what life is."

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Three seasons of Jessica Jones, two seasons of Luke Cage, and The Defenders miniseries are all now streaming on Netflix.