John Krasinski Blames Chris Evans for "Robbing Him" of Captain America Role

Filmmaker John Krasinski has had a prolific career. After his star turn as Jim Halpert on The Office helped launch his career, he has since remade himself as both a leading man and a strong voice behind the camera, with his title role in the Amazon Prime series Jack Ryan as well as his horror hit A Quiet Place. But the actor is seemingly still bitter about losing out on an iconic role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain America, and now he's coming to collect on lost wages.

To celebrate his 40th birthday, Krasinski has started a campaign on Venmo to raise money for the non-profit organization Family Reach, which raises financial funds for families of cancer patients.

Krasinski used his birthday as an opportunity to call out Chris Evans to donate to the cause, expecting repayment for the time Evans took the job of Captain America away from him.

Evans, to his credit, took the opportunity to support the losing party in the Steve Rogers acting contest — because that's what Captain America would do.

Krasinski previously revealed that he found out about the results of the audition while celebrating the birthday of his wife Emily Blunt.

"My agent called and said, 'They're going to go with Chris Evans,'" Krasinski said during an interview with Variety. "And I remember I said, 'Yeah, look at him. He's Captain America.'"

Krasinski said that Blunt offered to cancel their dinner plans after the casting was revealed, but he understood that the right man was selected for the job.


"I said, 'It's Chris Evans. Of course, we're going to dinner,'" Krasinski explained.

Krasinski is currently working on the sequel to A Quiet Place, which is set to premiere in theaters on May 20, 2020.