'X-Men Gold' Reveals Major Mutant Wedding Proposal

X-Men Gold has set the stage for merry mutant matrimony in its latest issue.SPOILERS for X-Men [...]

X-Men Gold has set the stage for merry mutant matrimony in its latest issue.

SPOILERS for X-Men Gold #20 follow.

In this issue, writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Diego Bernard wrap up "The Negative Zone War." Having escaped one hostile planet in the Negative Zone, the X-Men crash land on another. This time there's no extremist government faction to fight. This planet poses enough natural natural danger to compensate. While most of the team lands with the ship, the crash throws a few members further afield.

Storm ends up battling a giant monster without her powers. Kitty Pryde and Colossus face no living threat but are in a bad way. They're stranded together in a massive sandstorm. Kitty is keeping them both phased through it, but she can't keep it up forever. She begs Colossus to steel up, but he was too injured in the crash to use his power.

Kitty hangs in there, but time is running out. Colossus finally tells her to leave him. Kitty refuses and things seem dire. Luckily, Storm arrive in time to help Kitty carry Colossus back to the ship.

The team managed to get back to their own universe and back to the school. A couple days later, after Colossus has healed up, Kitty wastes no time in popping the question.

Kitty Pryde Colossus Proposal
(Photo: Diego Bernard, Marvel Entertainment)

This is a reversal of a moment from earlier in X-Men Gold. Peter popped the question on Kitty, but it was more rhetorical. He was attempting to let her know he was serious about their relationship. They decided to get back together but take things slow. Peter almost dying (again) seems to have changed Kitty's feelings on matters.

That said, the issue ends before Colossus gives an answer. Fans will have to check back to see how things go from here, though Marvel has been teasing the "wedding of the century."

Kitty Pryde and Colossus is one of X-Men's longest running romances. Kitty had a crush on Colossus immediately from the time she joined the X-Men as a teenager. They dated for a while but split after Colossus fell for someone else during the original Secret Wars.

After that, Kitty joined Excalibur and dated Peter Wisdom for a while. Colossus turned villain and then turned back and then died. Kitty was the one to bring his ashes to Russia, or so she thought.

It was later discovered that Colossus was alive. Kitty was the one who found him and their romantic spark reignited. They were together for a time until Colossus became possessed by the Phoenix.

They split after that. Colossus had a casual relationship with Domino. Kitty got engaged to Star-Lord and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. The engagement didn't last and Kitty returned to Earth and the X-Men.

That's where X-Men Gold picked up. It seems this romance may have a happy ending.

X-Men Gold #20 is on sale now.