Loki Stars Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino Share BTS Photo While Filming "Lamentis"

The latest episode of Loki took fans to the alien planet of Lamentis in the year 2077, when the [...]

The latest episode of Loki took fans to the alien planet of Lamentis in the year 2077, when the planet itself was in the process of breaking up and crashing into the moons surrounding it. Whether or not the inclusion of the planet will lead to some kind of Annihilation: Conquest adaptation has yet to be seen; regardless, behind-the-scenes pictures of the episode in question have started to surface now the episode has passed. In one case, one of the Loki stunt workers shared an image of the cast on a physical set piece serving as a stand-in for the planet.

Monique Ganderton, the stunt coordinator for the series, shared a picture of herself with Sophia Di Martino and her stunt double Sarah Irwin and Tom Hiddleston and his double Matt LaBorde.

"I was the only one dressed appropriately at the mine," Ganderton joked in her Instagram post. "[Loki cast] absolutely crushed in Lamentis! They trained their butts off everyday! So proud of everyone in this picture!"

The journey to Lamentis allowed the series to explore both Loki (Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Di Martino) in-depth, providing nearly an hour to flesh out character beats. Despite that, it still wasn't immediately clear at the end of the episode whether or not Sylvie is either a real Loki variant or some live-action adaptation of Enchantress.

"I would say there's more to be delved into. One thing I would say is, like, she's different to the comics. Like, she's a unique character, but obviously, there's things that have been pulled from. I think for her character, she's on the run and she's called Sylvie and she's dyed her hair. The blonde that we associate with Sylvie is played in that sense, but it makes sense for her character within our story. But I would say deeper than that, yeah, there's more to be revealed about her character to comes," Loki helmer Kate Herron previously explained.

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