Loki Director Kate Herron Praises Fans After Learning It's Most Watched MCU Show on Disney+

Tom Hiddleston is amongst the longest tenured actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First popping up in 2011's Thor, the actor is about to begin filming the second season of his own Loki series on Disney+. He's officially had over a decade to build one of the largest bases Marvel has ever seen, so it surprised few when Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige announced the series was the most popular Marvel show to stream on Disney+ so far.

Now, Loki Season One helmer Kate Herron is thanking all of those who tuned in to watch the first season of the show on Disney+. "This hsow is the hard work of so many brilliant people," Herron tweeted Wednesday evening. "Thank you to all who watched nad everyone who was a part of it."

Like virtually all other streamers, Disney+ doesn't provide viewing stats on their content. Judging by ratings released by analytics firms like Nielsen and SambaTV, Loki outpaced even WandaVision from the very beginning of its series. It's also the lone live-action show from Marvel Studios to received a confirmed second season, one which Herron will not be a part of. She departed the show shortly after its finale aired, and has since been replaced by Moon Knight directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

"I think the biggest thing about Loki is just that it's actually a lot like Moon Knight, where there's just no reason to do it if it's not going to be something new and fresh," Moorhead previously told ComicBook.com of his take on the Asgardian trickster. "It's funny is, it does feel like Marvel would be willing to walk away unless it actually is something that they felt the unexpected. Like from Moon Knight and especially because Moon Knight is a character where nobody knows almost anything about him, yet. Soon to be changed, right? And so our gloves are off and we get to kind of do whatever we want. And everybody at Marvel and ourselves gets really excited when we are presented with the unexpected. We also of course, hope that people watching feel the same way and we're gonna bring all that to Loki."

Loki Season One is now streaming on Disney+, while the second season has yet to set a release date. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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