New Loki Merch Seemingly Confirms Sophia Di Martino's Character

At the end of Loki Episode 1, Mobius (Owen Wilson) reveals the Time Variance Authority is hunting [...]

At the end of Loki Episode 1, Mobius (Owen Wilson) reveals the Time Variance Authority is hunting down a Loki variant. While it was set up to seem the variant they were chasing would take on the appearance of Tom Hiddleston, Episode 2 confirmed that wasn't the case. Instead the titular trickster himself popping up against himself, he was instead greeted by a character played by Sophia Di Martino, someone who might not even be a Loki variant after all.

Shortly after the episode aired, fans noticed select international markets credited Di Martino's character as Sylvie while most others, the United States included, only credited her as "The Variant." Now, new merchandise that has surfaced online seemingly confirms the character's identity: Sylvie Lushton.

In a new helmet set listed on Zavvi's site (via The Direct), the retailer makes note the helmets belong to Loki (Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Di Martino). Sylvie's helmet even has a broken horn, exactly like how it appeared in the closing moments of the second episode.

zavvi sylvie confirmation
(Photo: Zavvi)

Sylvie, of course, is likely referencing Sylvie Lushton, a character who eventually began calling herself Enchantress in the Marvel Comics source material. At the very least, the character's powers were given to her by Loki, and the god of mischief may be responsible for technically creating the character as a whole. Either way, the character is already shaping up to be a formidable opponent for Hiddleston's Asgardian.

"It was really important to me that Sophia had her own authorship over what she was doing. At the same time, we all felt it would be so fun if there were moments of similarity or some sort of mirror," Hiddleston told TVLine about Loki's new nemesis. "Because if you think about it, if you met another version of yourself, there would be these weird moments of recognition of like, 'Oh yes, you understand. Or maybe you don't.' Sophia had loads of questions about various choices that I had made, and I think some things she thought were useful, and some things she thought, 'No, actually, this is how this character is different from [Loki].' There's a lot of fun to be had in the balance, I suppose."

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