Loki: Marvel Fan Notices Outdated Tech On Roxxcart Shelves

As it turns out, the technology offerings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2050 feature a lot [...]

As it turns out, the technology offerings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2050 feature a lot of the same items you can get on the shelf at any big box store in the year 2021. One eagle-eyed Loki fan noticed a potential little production design flub in the Roxxcart scene in the latest episode of Loki, resulting in outdated tech being widely available in 2050. Light spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the latest episode.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Mobius (Owen Wilson), and other agents of the Time Variance Authority travel to 2050 in order to track down The Variant, played by Sophia Di Martino. It's here they pin her to a Roxxcart store stuck in the middle of a hurricane, and a good chunk of the back half of the episode takes place in this futuristic big box store owned by Roxxon.

Towards the tail end of the episode, there's a moment we see The Variant launch her master plan — to launch the "Time Bombs" she's been collecting to various points in time in order to kickstart the beginning of a new multiverse. During this sequence, various shots zoom in on the bombs themselves, and you get some close-up shots of the items in the store.

As one Loki fan has pointed out, two of the items are very much available for purchase today — 29 years before the events in question take place. One of the items is a HyperX Chargeplay Duo device, allowing gamers to chare two Playstation 4 controllers at one time. The other box is a set of Bluetooth HyperX earbuds.

29 years ago from today would have been 1992, a time where car phones were all the rage and Seinfeld was practically just getting started — hence the peculiar choice of items to stock on the shelves.

Oh well, we'll let it slide — right?

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