Did Loki Just Reveal Chronopolis, Home of Kang?

Marvel's acclaimed Loki series has been leaving tiny hints about the big bad behind the TVA [...]

Marvel's acclaimed Loki series has been leaving tiny hints about the big bad behind the TVA throughout the entire series so far, without ever actually revealing who it could be or what motivates their actions. However, in the final scene of this week's penultimate episode, "Journey Into Mystery," Loki drops its biggest hint yet, making it abundantly clear who is behind all of the madness and where the timeline leads. It looks like we have our first glimpse at Chronopolis.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the penultimate episode of Loki! Continue reading at your own risk...

After being sent to the Void on the edge of the end of time, Loki and Sylvie come up with a plan to enchant the enormous smoke monster tasked with killing everything in the Void, Alioth, to see what awaits them at the conclusion of the timeline. They want to know who is behind the TVA so they can bring it down, and this presents the best opportunity.

With the help of Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), the mischievous duo are able to enchant Alioth, which allows them to see beyond the end of time. The smoke opens to reveal a futuristic city, sitting along in space, with a tower at its center and ships flying all around.

This appears to be Chronopolis, the city that plays home to Kang the Conqueror in the comics. Fans have long thought that Kang was somehow involved with Loki, and this pretty much seals the deal. The inclusion of Alioth only adds to it, as the comics also tasked the creature with protecting the entry to Chronopolis.

Of course, being that misdirection is a common theme in this show (and the MCU TV slate at large), there could be something else going on. It could be that Chronopolis is real but Kang isn't there, and someone else is making decisions in his absence. There's a chance that it isn't Chronopolis at all. However, so many of those different ideas seem less likely than the obvious: Kang is somehow involved with the TVA.

All roads have led to the end of time, and in next week's finale, it appears we finally may get some answers. There's even a potential MCU debut in store for Jonathan Majors. Can we speed time up, please?

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