Loki VFX Boss Breaks Down the TVA's Different Door Colors

Throughout the first season of Loki, the Time Variance Authority and its respective agents used a [...]

Throughout the first season of Loki, the Time Variance Authority and its respective agents used a whole surplus of technology from various points in time. One piece that was used the most were the TVA's Time Doors, allowing agents to travel through two separate places in time. The doors themselves took on a yellowish orange color throughout the majority of the season before a new red-colored door was introduced towards the end of the season.

As fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would, a theory quickly spread the red doors may have had to do with the Reality Stone, because it was the lone door that wouldn't go through two separate points in time. Instead, the red doors lead to time loops where the imprisoned had to relive most of their worst memories over and over again.

We recently caught up with FuseFX mastermind Wayne England, who told us the change in colors had little to do with the Infinity Stones and everything to do with the suffering Loki was going through at the time.

(Photo: Marvel Studios / FuseFX)

"The idea that I understood was it was the context in which Loki was being basically thrown back into a place of ... you might even say ... well, I don't think torture is the right word, but it's a place of suffering, where he ended up meeting that once colleague who was upset with him, and it was a repeating pattern," England told us.

He added, "It was a kind of torture, wasn't it, where she kept on punching him. And no matter what he said, it didn't matter what he said, she kept on bringing up this patterned experience in which he was pummeled each time. So that was our understanding, that it was that he was entering into an intentionally devised place of suffering, and so it looked more sinister than just the functional kind of utility that the regular time doors have for everyone. I think that it was expressive of that."

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