Did Mike Colter Just Tease A 'Luke Cage' Return?

Luke Cage was canceled all but seven weeks ago but the character might not be dead just quite yet, [...]

Luke Cage was canceled all but seven weeks ago but the character might not be dead just quite yet, at least if one recent cryptic social media message proves accurate. Earlier today, Jessica Jones lead Krysten Ritter took to Instagram to share an image alongside colleague Carrie-Anne Moss.

The image itself didn't stand out — it's just a pair of friends presumably hanging out on set. What's unique, however, is that a former Netflix star left a comment that raised a question. Mike Colter — the charismatic star of Luke Cage —left a comment that seemingly teased a return of his character.

"Wow, so familiar," Colter commented. "I [sic] felt like I was there!"

(Photo: Instagram)

The actor then tacked the "nerdy" emoji on the end of his comment. Neither the picture or comment stand out by themselves but together, they certainly do pose the question — is Mike Colter teasing an appearance in the upcoming season of Jessica Jones? If the picture was indeed taken on set and Colter was there, that'd be a pretty telltale sign.

The third season of Jessica Jones is presumably close to the end of production if it hasn't wrapped filming entirely already. Luke Cage, on the other hand, was suddenly canceled after two seasons leaving the show's titular character as a crime boss of Harlem.

If you followed the character since his live-action debut, you'll remember Colter first appearing as the bullet-proof hero in the first season of Jessica Jones. In fact, the characters are even a couple in the comics, sharing a daughter so it's an organic fit.

It should be noted that season three of Jessica Jones was deep into production by the time Luke Cage was canceled so should Luke appear in the upcoming season, it was likely written that way months ago instead of a reactionary measure taken by the show's writers in the wake Luke Cage's cancellation.

The actor previously broke silence on his show's cancellation with a heartfelt message posted on Twitter.

"I am forever grateful to Marvel and Netflix for letting me portray such a prolific character, and I thank you amazing fans," Colter mentioned. "As one door closes, another has opened, with the birth of my daughter this week. A lot of great memories. Time to make more. Always forward, forward always."

Both seasons of Luke Cage in addition to the first two seasons of Jessica Jones are streaming now on Netflix. The third season of Jessica Jones is now in production and should release in the first half of 2019.