'Luke Cage's Mike Colter Wishes Everyone a Sweet Christmas

Luke Cage might be cancelled on Netflix, but Sweet Christmas will live on forever in the hearts of fans, and on the Twitter account of Mike Colter.

Late on Christmas Eve, Colter took to Twitter to give the fans what they were asking for, letting out his signature Luke Cage catchphrase, wishing everyone well for the holidays.

"WAIT FOR IT," Colter wrote in the tweet. "Since y'all will always be asking for it, here you go! TO YOU AND YOURS!"

Of course, people will always be asking for him to say "Sweet Christmas" because his titular Marvel hero won't be saying it on-screen again. Despite getting plenty of love over the course of two seasons, Netflix cancelled Luke Cage ahead of production on a third installment.

The cancellation was one of many for the Marvel/Netflix universe. Iron Fist and Luke Cage were axed within one week of one another. Not long after, fan-favorite Daredevil was given the boot as well.

It's safe to say that the cast and crew of the series didn't see the cancellation coming, and they took to social media to voice their gratitude to the fans. Colter was one of the first to get online and tell the viewers how much they meant to him.

"I am forever grateful to Marvel and Netflix for letting me portray such a prolific character, and I thank you amazing fans," Colter mentioned. "As one door closes, another has opened, with the birth of my daughter this week. A lot of great memories. Time to make more. Always forward, forward always."


At this point, there is no telling whether or not Colter will be able to take on the role of Luke Cage again. The deal between Marvel and Netflix has long been a mystery for fans, so it's unclear whether or not Marvel TV could use the character sometime in the near future.