Major Issues: First appearance of Misty Knight

Hundreds of comic book characters are being portrayed in film and television, and with each new day more are being announced.

Major Issues -- a original video series -- will speak to true comic book hobbyists as well as new fans in a short, fast-paced digital series featuring the first appearances of characters we all love. Each episode will feature the actual comic book, info on the creators, and the backstory on the creation and legacy of the character.

Beginning with this episode of the show, our users will be able to win the actual issue used in the filming!

The first is our look at the introduction of Misty Knight.

The description of less than inspiring origin doesn't even include her name in the synopsis: Danny receives a mystical vision at the Temple of Kali. Who are the Living Goddesses, and what do they want with Colleen Wing? Colleen and her father are in grave danger, but an ancient text may hold the key to their freedom. The Ninja reveals his true identity!


Origininally published in March 1975 -- and priced at $0.25 -- the first appearance was hardly an origin story, just a brief mention. It was 32 pages and titled, "Daughters of the Death Godess", it is now available for bid on Amazon (in varying conditions) for $20; or you can win it for free by entering the promotion below!