Major Issues: Marriage Of Aunt May To Doctor Octopus

Hundreds of comic book characters are being portrayed in film and television, and with each new day more are being announced.

Major Issues -- a original video series -- will speak to true comic book hobbyists as well as new fans in a short, fast-paced digital series featuring the first appearances of characters we all love. Each episode will feature the actual comic book, info on the creators, and the backstory on the creation and legacy of the character.

The next in our series is a look at one of the most unusual relationships in comics, the marriage of Aunt May to Doctor Octopus.

The story is continued from last issue with this synopsis from Rushing to the estate of Dr. Octopus, Spider-Man arrives just in time to see that his arch-nemesis is about to be married to his Aunt May. Before Spider-Man can react, Hammerhead and his goons bust in on the marriage with guns blazing. Octopus fights off some of Hammerhead's men, and manages to make an escape with Aunt May to the roof. There Spider-Man tries to stop Octopus from getting away, and is knocked out, Octopus then makes his escape with May in a helicopter. Witnessing this, Hammerhead and his men decide to follow after Octopus in the helicopter they arrived in themselves. Spider-Man, reviving from his blow from Dr. Octopus secretly hitches a ride aboard Hammerhead's copter.

Originally published as Amazing Spider-Man No. 131 in 1974, it is written by Gerry Conway and inked by both Frank Giacoia as well as David Hunt.


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