Marvel & Attack On Titan Crossover Revealed

Marvel has announced that the Marvel Universe and Attack On Titan are colliding in a crossover later this month.

Announced by Marvel's C.B. Cebulski over Twitter, the untitled project will be the first crossover between the members of the Marvel Universe and the popular Japanese manga's world. Cebulski only revealed that the story would hit in just two weeks, and would take place in Japan. Judging from the image that Cebulski tweeted, it's safe to say that Spider-Man will factor into the story. The crossover's length, format, and creative team have yet to be announced. Since Marvel has given no prior word to retailers about the crossover's incoming, the series will most likely see digital distribution.

"Attack on Titan" is a popular manga series and anime cartoon on Adult Swim. Created by Hajime Isayama, who also writes and illustrates the print manga, Attack On Titan follows protagonist Eren Yeager's mission to stop man-eating humanoids known as Titans. Known for it's distinctive manga style, "Attack on Titan" looks to bring its visual flair to Marvel.

Before dropping the news, Celbuski teased the announcement on his Twitter feed with Tweets like "For many decades & multiple reasons, almost no manga, especially popular titles, crossed into other comic universes... until now!," and "If you ever wondered, "What if the titans from Hajime Isayama's "Attack on Titan" attacked the Marvel universe?", you'll find out soon!!"


An official announcement from Marvel will likely land in the next day or so, if not sooner. Keep checking in with for more updates on the project.