Stephen Dorff Doesn’t Think He’ll Appear In Marvel’s Blade Reboot

Blade star Stephen Dorff has commented on whether or not he could possibly show up in Marvel [...]

Blade star Stephen Dorff has commented on whether or not he could possibly show up in Marvel Studios' upcoming Blade reboot. In short, Dorff doesn't think he'll be in the film. The actor was spotted leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles and got asked about his recent controversial comments slamming Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow movie. During that conversation, Dorff was asked if there is a general feeling of "Marvel fatigue" in Hollywood; however, Dorff wasn't taking the bait this time, and made it clear that he still supports the comic book movie genre - including the next era of Blade.

Here's what Stephen Dorff had to say to TMZ about Marvel's upcoming Blade reboot:

"I wish Mahershala the best with the Blade remake. Because they're re-doing Blade and Mahershala Ali, we did True Detective together and he's an amazing actor. So I wish him the best with that."

Dorff and Mahershala Ali starred in season 3 of HBO's True Detective, which aired in early 2019. That was just months before Ali would win his second Oscar (for Best Supporting Actor in Green Book) and be announced as the star of Marvel's new Blade franchise, during Comic-Con 2019.

Stephen Dorff Comments On Marvel Blade Reboot Cameo Appearance
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Stephen Dorff of course starred in the original 1998 Blade film as Deacon Frost, the vampire (and would-be Blood God) who battled Wesley Snipes' Blade. That film was a major breakout role for Dorff, and his Deacon Frost has gone on to become one of the more beloved comic book villains in the genre.

Needless to say, a lot of Marvel fans would probably get a kick out of seeing Stephen Dorff show up in the new Blade as an Easter egg cameo - especially since it would work on two levels as Dorff and Ali's True Detective reunion. With the legions of vampires that Mahershala Ali's Blade will face, it would be easy to sneak Deacon Frost in the lineup. Of course, Stephen Dorff's recent comments slamming Marvel movies aren't the best audition to become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

...And it seems that Stephen Dorff is self-aware to know as much. When asked if he might appear in Marvel's Blade, Dorff said "Oh, I don't think so." He did try to buffer the sting of that disappointment by saying his time in Marvel movies "was a long time ago."

Stephen Dorff is just one face from the old Blade franchise fans want to see in Marvel's reboot: the hopes for Wesley Snipes to show up are even higher.

Blade is rumored to be coming to theaters in October 2023. Bassam Tariq (Mogul Mowgli) is reportedly in talks to direct.