Marvel Brutally Kills Two X-Men

The X-Men might have figured out a way around that pesky issue of mortality, but that doesn't mean [...]

The X-Men might have figured out a way around that pesky issue of mortality, but that doesn't mean they aren't facing serious threats now that they've established the island nation of Krakoa. And the latest issue of X-Force puts the mutant black-ops team in a dire situation, resulting in the grisly murders of two of their most powerful and dangerous members. The threat of the human terrorist group Xeno continues to grow, and now they're not just targeting mutant leader ship but their pocketbooks as well.

Warning: Spoilers for X-Force #4 below.

The issue begins with a group of terrorists breaking into one of Professor Xavier's pharmaceutical facilities in the United States where Multiple Man is seemingly murdered. We learn it is simply a Madrox dupe, but the process of reabsorption hurts the Prime Multiple Man.

At this point, Jean Grey assembles a security detail that includes Wolverine, Domino, and Kid Omega. The group gets outfitted with new Krakoan weapons developed by Forge, and Domino receives an arm-mounted bio-blaster that can also turn into a sword and grappling hook and basically anything else she can imagine. But the team quickly gets called into action due to another of Xavier's facilities sending out a distress signal.

Xeno has arrived, and this time they're killing human allies.

X-Force attempts to spring into action, but just as Domino attempts to follow Wolverine and Kid Omega into the Krakoan gateway, the terrorists explode it on the other end.

The last page reveals the severed torso of Wolverine as the mutant seemingly lays lifeless, all while Kid Omega's severed head lies nearby. Domino did not make it through before they could deactivate the gateway and she remains on Krakoa.

We know that this is not the end of Logan and Quentin Quire, as we've already seen one of them be put through the rigors of the resurrection protocol. However, it's clear that Xeno knows what they're dealing with. They've effectively removed the X-Men's ability to travel the gateways instantaneously, though there are still a few teleporters around who can help.

We'll see how the team responds in the next issue. X-Force #4 is now available in stores and online.