Marvel Teases Big Change to Captain America's Origin

Marvel is teasing plans to change the origin of Captain America.Most fans know that Captian [...]

Marvel is teasing plans to change the origin of Captain America.

Most fans know that Captian America was a character created during World War II, who fought against the Nazis and their superpowered allies and minions like Red Skull, Master Man, and Baron Zemo. While trying to stop Baron Zemo's airborne escape, Captain America fell into the ocean and was presumed dead. Instead, he ended up frozen in suspended animation until he was found by the Avengers.

Apparently, that isn't the entire story. Marvel Comics has released a new teaser posing the question, "Who found Captain America on Ice Before the Avengers?" Take a look below:


This is the third such teaser about the "destruction of the Marvel Universe" that Marvel has released. Previous teasers asked "Who gave the Fantastic Four their powers?" and "Who brought the amazing Spider-Man back after 'Spider-Man No More'?" The "who" in each teaser is written with the same font, so perhaps that is a hint that the same person or entity is responsible for each of these events.

Captain America already had his history rewritten once recently, though that was an in-universe act. The Red Skull convinced a sentient cosmic cube named Kobik to rewrite Captian America's past to make so that he was and had always been a Hydra sleeper agent, having survived a timeline where Hydra was victorious that had been rewritten. Cap used his position of authority and leadership to take control of the United States government on behalf of Hydra as the new Supreme Commander. This version of Steve Rogers was defeated by the combined might of an Avengers resistance group and a version of the true Captain America who returned from a world within the cosmic cube.

Now the real Captain America is back, thought the United States government and many of the country's citizens no longer trust him. It probably doesn't help that the Avengers are now working internationally and without the blessing of the US government. It remains to be seen how, and if, all of this ties together with the "destruction of the Marvel Universe."

It is unclear what, exactly, all of these teasers are building up to, but whatever it is will begin in March 2019.

Who do you think found Captain America in the ice before the Avengers? Are you excited about "the destruction of the Marvel Universe"? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!