Marvel Announces Daredevil's Final Issue

Marvel Comics is bringing one of its most critically acclaimed series to an end. Having previously [...]

Marvel Comics is bringing one of its most critically acclaimed series to an end. Having previously announced the end of Immortal Hulk, Marvel confirmed on Monday that Daredevil will conclude with its 36th issue. However, this will not be the end of writer Chip Zdarsky's tenure with the character, according to a press release. And the series is going out with a bang. The issue sees Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, and Typhoid Mary getting married. But of course, no Marvel Comics wedding goes down as planned. Zdarsky is joined by Manuel Garcia on this final issue of the series. Plus, there's also the small matter of deciding who will carry the Daredevil mantle going forward, Matt Murdock or Elektra Natchios.

Per Marvel Comics, "Over the last two years, superstar writer Chip Zdarsky has teamed up with artists such as Marco Checchetto, Manuel Garcia, and more to make DAREDEVIL one of the hottest books on the stands! Throughout his groundbreaking work on the character, Zdarsky has delivered the most surprising era of Daredevil yet, including fascinating developments like Matt Murdock's imprisonment, Kingpin and Typhoid Mary's dangerous new relationship, and of course, Elektra taking over the mantle of Daredevil. And after 36 hard-hitting issues, Daredevil's legacy as the protector of Hell's Kitchen will never be the same. This November, Zdarsky's legendary run will reach its climax in an explosive final issue, but his acclaimed Daredevil saga is far from over…"

Daredevil 36
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

In the press release, Zdarsky says, "I know writers like to say things like "it's all been building toward this!!" but, really, it has," Zdarsky said. "When I sat down to write issue one, I knew that this issue was waiting and that it was going to drastically alter the lives of the Daredevil cast. Issue 36 is NOT an ending, it's a beginning."

Marvel promises that the "must-have special" Daredevil #38 "will have all the revelations fans have been waiting for" when it releases on November 17th. Marvel also teases that more announcements are coming as Marvel approaches its birthday celebration, with new projects and creator announcements still to come.

What do you think? Who will be Daredevil going forward? Will Kingpin and Typhoid Mary get married? What's next for Zdarsky's Daredevil run? Let us know in the comments. Daredevil #36 goes on sale on November 17th.

  • Written by CHIP ZDARSKY
  • On Sale 11/17