Marvel Editor (Accidentally) Hints at Upcoming Indiana Jones Comics - Updated

Like their corporate parents on the movie side, Marvel has focused primarily on Star Wars since [...]

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Like their corporate parents on the movie side, Marvel has focused primarily on Star Wars since Disney fully took over publishing their Lucasfilm properties, talking in vague terms about Indiana Jones as a possible, future endeavor.

Looks like the future is now (or not -- read on below).

Marvel Comics editor Heather Antos, an Assistant Editor on Marvel and Lucasfilm's Star Wars line of comics, made a post to Instagram tonight that all but confirms that Marvel is planning an Indiana Jones comic, which Antos will be working on.

On Instagram, she posted photos of Indiana Jones DVDs with a caption to the effect that they were "homework" for her job.

UPDATE: Antos reached out to to clarify that there are currently no plans for Indiana Jones comics at Marvel. She was simply studying up for a guest appearance on a podcast called The Indiana Jones Minute and apparently didn't consider that tweeting out the DVD covers would create a frenzy of speculation among comic fans. She has updated the original post, which you can see below.

Moments after we tweeted our story, Antos posted the following tweets: has reached out to Marvel for further clarification.

The Indiana Jones publishing franchise has never been as omnipresent or financially successful as the Star Wars brand, but the character has had a pretty consistent presence in the market since Marvel publisher the first Indiana Jones comics in 1981 (an adaptation of Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Besides adaptations of the first three movies in the franchise, Marvel published a three-year ongoing series titled The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones from 1983 until 1986. They don't have the best reputation, but plenty of recognizable talent did at least some work on most licensed books at Marvel at the time and Indiana Jones was no exception with future Hall of Famers like David Michelinie and Kerry Gammill on board.

When Dark Horse took over the Lucasfilm publishing licensed in the '90s, they reprinted Marvel's Indiana Jones comics but never had an ongoing of their own set in the world of Harrison Ford's beloved archaeologist. Instead they focused on a series of prestige miniseries that were somewhat better received than the Marvel comics but still never really set the world on fire. Eventually the sales on the miniseries declined to the point where Dark Horse stopped doing them regularly. A Young Indiana Jones Chronicles series, based on the TV show of the same name, was published and meant to be ongoing but lasted only a year.

Most of those comics were reissued in omnibus formats in the late 2000s, following the release (and, yes, adaptation) of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was around this time that Dark Horse attempted an all-ages ongoing series titled Indiana Jones Adventures, modeled on the success of the Star Wars series Clone Wars Adventures.

In 2008, Titan Comics released a magazine-format series for nine issues that combined small amounts of new content with magazine-style features, photos, and reprints of the Dark Horse Comics material.