Marvel Gets Mashed Up With Charlie's Angels In Fury's Angels

It’s a Thursday, so that means Darth Blender has uploaded a new nerdy mash-up video for fans to [...]

It's a Thursday, so that means Darth Blender has uploaded a new nerdy mash-up video for fans to watch. And, today, it seems like a few Marvel ladies are getting some special treatment as they've been mashed together with Charlie's infamous angels.

Rated NG for 'Nerd and Geek Audiences,' the video begins with shots of Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy), Mystique (X-Men), and Black Widow (Avengers) while an ominous voice-over by Nicky Fury drones on. Quoting lines from the first Avengers film, the line reads: "There was an idea. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more - see if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles we couldn't."

But, about halfway through the video, the tone shifts and fans familiar with Charlie's Angels will recognize the film's iconic music and art-deco designs. Emphasizing the characters' strength and sex appeal, the video highlights Black Widow taking down Chitauri, Gamora escaping an intergalactic prison, and Mystique taking down security at the White House. The three women are cast as the television series' original characters with Black Widow as Kelly Garret, Gamora as Sabrina Duncan, and Mystique adopting Jill Munroe's character.

Nick Fury, of course, stars as the mysterious Charlie Townsend as the SHIED Director's iconic black trench coat and eyepatch align with the angels' boss original aesthetic.

The video which is entitled, "Fury's Angels," describes the clip in its synopsis by asking, "Have you ever imagined Nick Fury recruiting three elite women from Marvel to solve world's problems? They are strong, they are powerful... They are 'The Fury's Angels'!"

Produced by Felipe Haurelhuk, Darth Blender recruited several designers to create the geektastic mash-up. Dark Blender has only uploaded a handful of videos, but each mixes contemporary pop culture titles with older pieces with the channel's most popular videos being "Deadpool's Day Off" and "Friends Awakens" which feature Farris Buller's Day Off and Star Wars: The Force Awakens respectively.