Marvel Just Made A HUGE Change To Thor In Avengers

The Avengers are heading to space, but things pretty much went south as soon as they boarded the [...]

The Avengers are heading to space, but things pretty much went south as soon as they boarded the ship. The crew of Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Captain Marvel, Blade, She-Hulk, and Ghost Rider headed to space to investigate a space prison, and they got way more than they bargained for, including a banged-up ship and some, let's call them surprising changes to their crew. As those who have read the issue know that includes the mighty Asgardian Thor, who probably received the biggest change and could end up being what brings about the end for the rest of the team, and if you want all the details just keep on scrolling. Spoilers incoming for Avengers #27, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

The issue reveals that once the Avengers got to the prison their ship was snared by magnetic tethers, and since then the ship has been heavily damaged as well. Not only that, but half the team ended up stranded in space on the way to the prison, and one particular member of the team is not quite himself these days.

That would be Thor, who is revealed to be holding onto Mjolnir for dear life, and that's because he's been infected by the Brood. The God of Thunder has is fighting the infection, but he's just about completely turned, and only the reminder that he is worthy keeps him from becoming full Brood and attacking his teammates.

(Photo: Marvel)

Well, that is until the hammer falls out of his hand, revealing the infection has taken over completely, and he is no longer worthy. That spells bad news for Captain America, and you can check out the spoiler image above.

Avengers #27 is written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Ed McGuinness, and you can find the official description below.

"STARBRAND REBORN Part One: RIOT IN THE SPACE PRISON! Artist Ed McGuinness returns for an epic space adventure that takes the Avengers into an alien prison the size of a galaxy, where a mysterious new wielder of the all-powerful Starbrand has suddenly appeared, unleashing cosmic chaos. Good thing the Avengers brought along their newest member, the Black Widow!"

Avengers #27 is in comic stores now, and you can find your local comic shop right here. Let us know what you thought of the issue in the comments or feel free to hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things comics!